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Confidence is something we all need to varying degrees, most of the time, and at challenging times we can need it a lot. Sometimes due to a lack of encouragement, or living in a critical environment, especially in our formative stages, we can feel as if we simply don't have as much as the next person. Sometimes that feeling can be debilitating and life limiting, and yet this is a learned state, and can be unlearned.

Feel Confident is intended to be played daily, is best through headphones, and ideally as you fall asleep at night (which of course means that you don't have to make a special time to listen). The less the content is consciously heard, the more effective the recording can be, and the content can be absorbed unconsciously, while you're relaxed when you are able to accept the encouraging remarks in a way that your critical srutiny would not allow when conscious (this is why advertisers pay more for the first spot in the break during your favourite progtramme...relaxed...uncritical).

At the very least this recording can allow relaxation, can improve your capacity to fall asleep easily, and with repetition you can start to notice the ways in which it affects your confidence...maybe you'll speak up for yourself...maybe you'll apply for that promotion/job, you'll know when things are getting better.     

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