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Seriously though, phobias like fear of flying are debilitating and stop you from getting on with your life. Sometimes that can be brushed off, at other times it can be bitterly upsetting.

If you have a phobia about something, like a fear of flying, your  body's basic life saving mechanisms (ironically known as the the 'fight or flight' response) come into full operation and it is impossible to hide your reactions from people around you. The more times that you experience a phobic response, the stronger the response gets, and the more sensitive it's potential for being triggered again. It sounds like an impossible situation.

In fact fear of flying especially, and so many other phobias, are fantastically well suited to hypnotherapy, and most 'uncomplicated' phobias, such as fear of flying, can be relieved within 3 sessions. You could plan it into the preparations for your next holiday, after all, the holiday would be so much more enjoyable if it didn't start with a panic attack, or being drugged up on the plane, to get over your fear of flying, wouldn't it? Fear of flying is by far the commonest phobia that we deal with, and it really can be dealt with as simply as 1,2,3!

  1. Familiarisation (a simple session of hypnosis, to allow you to become more familiar with the process, and to trust it. We can do this more than once, if we agree that it's warranted, or if it simply reassures you.)

  2. Rewind (safe, controlled exposure to the fearful ideas, or feared possible future event, whilst safely in hypnosis, done in a way that allows a rapid reduction in the future emotional response, and even a big drop off in how often the source of the phobia comes to mind in the first place)

  3. Reframe (we construct a new 'frame of reference' for your brain from which you start to reconstruct your new, calm, future response patterns, and we do this as close to the point where your phobia is to be tested as possible, ie, your holiday flight, so that it's fresh in your mind)......and up up and AWAY!!!!...to Florida, Spain, Australia...where do you want to go?  

We have learned that no matter how many times the fear of flying response has been triggered, it can be removed and replaced with a much pleasanter response, quickly and effectively using the process described above. You really can beat fear! Of course, sometimes the picture is more complicated, and the phobia can be just part of much broader problems,  typically, and not exclusively, in relation to situations like agoraphobia, claustrophobia, emetophobia, and several other less common areas, but nevertheless, there's a way through, which can be discussed with your hypnotherapist.

This can all be examined at the Initial Consultation, entirely free of charge, so please don't be worried that your fears are in any way different, or more complicated, than the phobias experienced by many other people, in every walk of life, every day, because they won't be.

If you live in or near or near the Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, why not call to find out more?

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