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…Couples who are worried are less likely to conceive than couples who are relaxed.

…Women who are frightened are more likely to experience painful births than women who feel in control.

When we feel threatened, our body naturally produces adrenalin and cortisole.  These are chemicals which can make us fiercely angry and strong in our own defence, or able to perform feats of endurance as we run to safety, moving our blood supply to the heart, lungs and voluntary muscles. In the days of bears, wolves and other cavemen/women, that would probably have been that.

Nowadays, we are capable of inventing our own ‘bears’ and ‘wolves’ with our fertile imaginations, aided and abetted by the fearsome stories of those around us, and the brain cannot tell the difference between our ideas and the external world;

What happens if this round of IVF is unsuccessful?
Am I going to get too old to safely have this child by the time I conceive?
Maybe there’s something wrong with me/us?
Maybe he/she will find somebody else if I cannot perform/conceive?

….and once you do conceive, you find the macho tales of horror births of the other Mums all too prevalent (why are there so few tales of wonderful, loving birth experiences?), the antenatal classes and medics who talk of pain as an absolute given (it’s not whether you need pain control, it’s which type, and having a choice of analgesic is presented as though it represents the enlightened approach to birthing!)……the bears and wolves are everywhere, and guess what?.....when you feel threatened, the brain understands this, and does not want to allow you to conceive or give birth until the danger is passed, which it understands will be when you relax!

Of course, it cannot be denied that in a small number of cases pregnancies and births do go sadly wrong, but we can logically understand that when we allow fear of those situations to prevail, then we paradoxically create a situation which makes those situations more likely than if we had no idea they existed…….it’s time to relax…..

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can;

Help you to relax and really enjoy your efforts to conceive
Make those efforts more likely to succeed, as a direct result
Help you to relax and bond with your child from conception onwards
Help you to provide your growing foetus with a relaxed internal environment conducive to optimal development
Give you techniques to manage the birth experience feeling relaxed and in control, maximising your chances of having a loving family event

Birthing requires medical resources to be available ‘just in case’, but it doesn’t need to be a medicalised experience for the vast majority of Mothers and Families, so taking informed control can be a realistic proposition for most expectant families.

If you live in or near Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, why not ring Alan to arrange a friendly and FREE first consultation, to explore your options?

*Standard hourly rate applies, and remains the same for couples or single attendees. Same sex couples actively welcomed.

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