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Positive Hypnotherapy recognises that clients presenting for assistance in their weight loss programme are highly varied in their needs and expectations. From bariatric weight loss clients, to those who have a few pounds to shed to make it onto the beach in time for their holidays, there are weight loss packages to suit your plans and pocket.

The only weight loss clients we don’t cater to are those who believe hypnotists are magicians, who can somehow magically cause them to lose weight while they do nothing. Whatever route you choose to lose weight, here or elsewhere, if you lose weight healthily, and keep it off, it will be because you want to, and because you have engaged on a healthily combined diet and exercise based weight loss plan.

Once you’ve got your feet on the ground about what needs to be done for you to lose weight, then hypnotherapy can prove to be an invaluable agent of focus, polarising your thoughts on your priorities, allowing you to relax and take control. It’s also really enjoyable!...

…like having a personal trainer for your mind!

Have a read through some of the options below to get an idea of the breadth of approaches to weight loss that are available, and if you don’t see what you want then pick up the phone to ask!

All weight loss plans described are for ‘one to one’ therapy, but couples can be seen, or friends together, which can be a cost effective approach to your combined weight loss plans.

  • Blast off! - One session, no Initial Consultation, just come along, explain what you hope to achieve and have those ideas turned into a lovely visualisation within hypnosis. What a way to start your diet!..... 

  • On Demand - Like ‘blast off’ but more than once, whenever you feel that you’d benefit, pick up the phone and arrange an appointment to keep you on track, a week apart or a month apart, to suit you.

  • Open ended - Ongoing therapy. May include a sessional weigh in and feedback on your diet and exercise regime. Usually commences on a weekly basis until an amount of weight loss that is significant to you has been reached, and then the frequency is left to you to decide.

  • Solution Focused - Weight gain  is due to complex and individually unique causative factors. Without significant reference to weight control, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy functions in a way that can allow you to find ways to live your life differently, more happily. The more satisfactory our lives, the less likely we are to overeat, or just maybe we can make our peace with the way we are!

Typically, of those who engage on an ongoing basis, clients who do well are those who are ready to get ‘stuck in’, both to the necessary diet and exercise regime, and to the mental ‘exercise regime’ that develops out of the therapeutic process, and reap the rewards as the right choices start to come more and more naturally, and dieting starts to seem less of a battle.

If you live in or near South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry then why not ring Alan, if you’d like to discuss whether hypnotherapy could fit into your own weight loss plans.

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"Just thought I would take some time to say how grateful I am to you in helping me to achieve my goal weight in time for my wedding."

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"My weight loss contributed immensely to my wedding day as every bride wants to look her best on her special day."





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