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*Pain can be acute (of sudden onset, possibly fully removable upon treatment of the cause) or pain can be chronic (the symptom of unresolved/unresolvable damage), and at it's outset, pain can convey a vital message to our conscious mind that there is a situation that requires attention.

When that situation has been attended to, and is fully known about, the pain signal has past it's usefulness, but may nevertheless remain present. If you live in or near the South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry , and you experience chronic, unrelieved pain, or you know somebody who does, then do read on.  

Pain is made up of 2 main components;

The neurological component, a signal that something is wrong, possibly indicating damage, and certainly indicating that attention is needed to it's source. This neurological signal gets a great deal of attention, and is the target of **analgesic drugs, which can be very effective, but are not always, and sometimes have undesirable side effects (drowsiness, constipation, confusion, nausea, dyspepsia, but not exclusively), which sometimes are so bad they require medicating in their own right, sometimes with drugs which can have undesirable side effects.......and so on... 

The emotional component, including, and not exclusively, anticipation of onset, fear (of lack of relief, of the pain worsening, of what the pain may mean), alarm, frustration, anger, despondency, guilt (about the effect your response to pain has on those around you, do you become snappy?), sorrow (in 'end of life' related illnesses), and so much more, all experienced uniquely, subjectively, by the sufferer.

The emotional component of pain is largely disregarded by the mainstream medical establishment, acknowledged yes, but precious little else, because it is complicated, and is unresponsive to medication, short of being completely ameliorated by the benzodiazipines, or other sedatives.

Hypnotherapy, and employment of self guided hypnotic techniques with our hypnotherapist, can have a dramatic effect on the emotional components of pain, and most importantly, this in turn can have a dramatic impact on the perception of that neurological component, and many people have found real pain relief, and real emotional relief, through hypnotherapy.

At Positive Hypnotherapy, you will be accepted and treated as an individual with your own unique pain experience, and from there we will move on to find which combination of hypnotic techniques are the most effective for you, and can quickly allow you to control pain.

If you live in or near South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry , why not book a free consultation with Alan, and come in for a chat.

*Clients presenting with painful symptoms that have not been diagnosed, or fully investigated medically, may be referred back to their GP, or consent may be requested from their GP to proceed with hypnotherapy. Masking painful symptoms which are not yet fully understood can represent a risk.  

**All changes to prescribed medication should be done solely in consultation with your GP/specialist, unless medication is specifically prescribed to be taken 'when required', allowing patient discretion. 

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