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In 2009 Alan had a call from a journalist called David Lawson, who was experiencing a fear of heights when pursuing his passion for hiking in the mountains of North Wales. He had experienced a moment in which he ‘froze’ on a challenging hike on Crib Goch, and decided to seek help.

I was delighted to assist, and the 2 videos below are David’s fascinating diary accounts of his treatment, and then his subsequent attempt on the ‘pinnacles’ of Crib Goch, followed by a link back to his original article and website. What video ‘2’ doesn’t show you, is that on his way up, David met an Army team descending Crib Goch, having abandoned their effort due to poor weather conditions!...watch on. 


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'A couple of years after David's successful ascent of Crib Goch, and after his even more impressive ascent of the North face of Tyfan, I heard that he had died of cancer. David's Mother rang me, telling me that he had held me in high regard and had been able to use his hypnotherapy techniques to allow him to cope with and feel more comfortable during his chemotherapy. Before his death, he had tackled one last walking challenge, the slog up to the well known landmark Rodneys Pillar in Shropshire.

Clearly suffering the effects of his by now progressed disease (see link See link) David and his friends carried this out as part of a campaign to buy a new school for the locally based charity Kenyan Schools Project (KSP), a target that has now been well exceeded, and a generous and humanity loving legacy.

If you would like to read more about the Kenyan Schools Project, or dedicate a desk (great gift), or cash, click on the logo. For my part, I intend to join, or resurrect if necessary, that New Years Eve walk up to Rodneys Pillar, and see if it can't become an annual event, raising funds in memory of David Lawson.'

Click here to find out more - www.kenyanschoolsproject.co.uk

Everything you do can be done better, without you needing to be better at what you do!

We've all heard about the brilliant student who falls apart at exam time, or the footballer who throws it all away when they lose their temper on the pitch, and the truth about needing to put on a performance is that it affects us all, in job interviews, exams, on the sports field, on stage (in the wings!), in aspects of our work, and our social lives.

The fact is, that in modern life, we have many instances of perceived 'make or break' points where our performance matters, relating to all aspects of our lives, and for some of us, although we're every bit as good as the next person, and every bit as prepared, we lose the edge because of anxiety, or just plainly going in with the wrong frame of mind.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, can be fantastically successful in enabling people facing challenging events, to perform without any disabling anxiety, and with positive, doubt free determination, and get the very best out of themselves.

Hypnotherapy can't do the preparation for you,  so this isn't a magic act, but if you've researched the job, done your revision, learned the speech, discovered your date's favourite restaurant or watched the video tapes of your next sporting opponent, then our Hypnotherapist can, in partnership with you, enable you to visualise the successful conclusion of whatever it is you are about to do, smash your PB, or impress a potential employer, and enable you to approach the event with positive, calm confidence.

The Hypnotherapy techniques to enhance performance are based predominantly around clear recognition of performance goals, both in and out of hypnosis, and are reinforced by very specific (to you), and vivid, personalised visualisations, within hypnosis, which communicate what you want very powerfully to your subconscious mind, and also help to replace your old anxiety responses with new calm, relaxed, and confident attitudes to the event/s in question, and to future events of the same nature.

As it says on the headline to this page, everything you do really can be done better, without you needing to be better at what you do. With positive focus and the ability to really see your success in your minds eye, supported by positive hypnotherapy, the sky is the limit!

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