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OK, it's true, we don't really have a magic wand, so for hypnotherapy to be effective in helping you to stop smoking, you do have to want to stop smoking......

  • You have to want to be free of disease
  • You have to want to smell fresh and clean
  • You have to want to breathe easily
  • You have to want an extra £1,2, or 300 a month in your pocket
  • You have to want to be more attractive
  • You have to want a fresh smelling home

What's not to want!!???......it's a no brainer!!!

......and if you're reading this, then in all probability you've come to the same conclusion already, and that's fantastic, because that's just where we need you! The Hypnotherapist will take your intent and determination, and between you both will forge it into an impenetrably positive force for success. It's time for you to Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking sessions are a 'One Stop Shop' lasting 2 hours. Provided that you have made your mind up that you really want to stop smoking, then you will smoke your last cigarette (or cigar, or pipe) before the session, and leave as a non-smoker. 

While you have been smoking, there has been confusion between your conscious mind (which knows how poisonous smoking is, and would stop smoking today) and your unconscious mind (which sees you thinking about smoking, and doing it a lot, and therefore thinks smoking is very important to you).

This confusion will be ended within the hypnotherapy session, both by your understanding of it, and through our work whilst you are in trance with the hypnotherapist, and your conscious and unconscious mind will quickly start to act in partnership, successfully quitting smoking forever.

We've all heard the stories about the '20 a day' person, who one day just stops smoking, out of the blue. This is exactly the same process that happens with these people, they really just make their minds up to stop smoking, and that's it!

Of course, most of us aren't lucky enough to have an epiphany while walking the dog, and that's where hypnotherapy can help. By bridging the misunderstanding between different parts of the mind, and by helping you build up a powerful success association in relation to stopping smoking, between us we create a triumphant winning attitude, that stays with you, and is strengthened each time you think about smoking, so that instead of withdrawal symptoms, you have releases of your body's own reward chemicals into your brain, every time you think of smoking.  

So, If you live in or near the South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry

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"I found it very helpful and enjoyable and it was very effective"

"I can’t thank Alan enough and will be visiting him again to help me with my smoking habit"

"I can honestly say that since. 2 weeks ago I haven’t smoked, craved. needed a cigarette!"

"Just to say a big thank you for the treatment you gave me in order to stop smoking"





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